Thoughts on the Horacio Printing Planner | 2016

I'm back today to share another planner review! I may actually be more excited to share this Horacio Printing 2016 Planner than I have been to share any other planner with you! OH MAN. This thing is gorgeous. I received this planner and began my review like any other review, but after flipping through it and using it for a few days, I fell in love. The Horacio Printing Planner is a faith based planner with verses on most pages, space for praise reports and dream planning, and encouraging words throughout. I had been on the hunt for a faith based planner to share/review, but didn't come across one that caught my eye until this one. I absolutely love that the faith portion can be as intense or subtle as you choose to make it - a lot less in-your-face like most I've found, and that's just my style.

One of my favorite things about this planner is the social impact. Y'all know how much I love companies that do good! - Horacio Printing works to support and raise awareness for A21, an organization that fights against human trafficking. A gorgeous planner that does good, does it get any better?! You can read more about their impact and how they are helping (and how you can help) right here.

Horacio Printing Planner 2016 - Noodoso


Measurements: 8.5" x 6.5" Paper Weight: 140 GSM


2 Page monthly overview (January 2016 - December 2016) 2 Page weekly layout (with vertical layout for each day) Dream planning exercises 2016 Bucket list Refocus cloud Praise reports Intentional generosity planning Seasonal prayer space

Notable Features

Spiral-bound (black) Gold foil detail on front and back covers Bible verses on every month/week page

The cover is a gorgeous hard cover with a matte silk finish. A planner pal of mine has an older version of this planner and the cover is more of an extra thick card stock (which you can see in some of the product images), so I am definitely glad they changed that! AND THE PAPER WEIGHT. Don't even get me started on the paper weight. If I didn't love this planner before, the paper weight would make me a customer for life. Seriously, no bleed through (stamps, pen ink, watercolor, etc.) and the paper finish is perfect - a silky smooth matte feel that is so smooth to write on!

I love that the weekly pages have a vertical layout for each day - my brain works that way and it makes it so easy to use and plan my day (or even just use as a daily to-do list)! The minimalistic design speaks to my heart and is perfect for customizing and making your own. The future planning pages aren't over-the-top and cheesy, they're realistic and encouraging, which makes filling them out feel like something that will actual help you achieve what you're writing down.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are definitely a few things I would change about the planner. They're so small they almost seem silly to mention, but I only do real honest reviews - good and bad. The monthly spreads are surrounded by a lot of white space. That's great for customizing, decorating, taking notes, etc., but I would much rather see a larger monthly spread with just a little less white space. The fact that there aren't monthly tabs is both a good and a bad thing. At first it was my biggest problem with the planner, until I realized that it meant I could add any type of tab I wanted - colorful, neutral, big, small - you name it, I could do it! Then I got excited about the possibilities and the fact that I could make this planner even more of my own by the tabs I chose! I ordered a set and am just waiting for them to arrive so I can add them - stay tuned on Instagram to see what it looks like when I add those on!

The last thing I would change about this planner is the shipping method. I definitely think it should come in a box (even if it's a simple cardboard box). No matter how careful you are when packing and shipping, postal services aren't and those coils are going to get bent. My biggest pet peeve is bent coils, especially on a brand new item! Something as gorgeous as this planner should be sent in a box to protect those coils and make sure they arrive as straight as they were when they were shipped out!

Horacio Printing Planner 2016 - Noodoso Horacio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - Noodoso Horacio Printing Planner 2016 - NoodosoHoracio Printing Planner 2016 - Noodoso

As you can tell, most of the things I would change about this planner are based solely on personal preference, and of course everyone has different preferences. The Horacio Printing Planner is absolutely gorgeous and definitely something I would recommend purchasing if you're looking for a faith based planner!

If you're interested in seeing how I use this planner and how I'm making it my own, head on over to Instagram! Do you use this Horacio Printing planner? How are you liking it? What other planners do you recommend?

This Horacio Printing 2016 Planner was graciously sent to me for review purposes by Horacio Printing. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Noodoso and the partnerships that make this space possible!

xo, Suzanna