Thursday Things // Finding Creativity

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another roundup of things I’ve been loving. This week flew by, and while I had plans of writing a few blog posts between last week’s Thursday Things post and today’s, life got in the way and that didn’t happen. Clearly. Lol!

Anyway, I have a few fun things to share with y’all today, so let’s just jump right in!


I’ve been having a really hard time getting crafty recently. Not because I’m dealing with creative block, but because 1) I haven’t had a ton of time and 2) I’ve been dealing with paralyzing perfectionism. The act of creating just isn’t happening because I’m so worried about how the project will turn out, what if I mess up, what if I don’t put something in the right place (which totally isn’t a thing, btw), etc. This feeling happens quite a bit thanks to my anxiety, but it’s been even worse than normal. Usually I can do some mixed media and be good to go, back in the groove, but this time even that isn’t helping. I decided I really needed a project that was just for fun (WHAT?! I know. haha.) I mentioned in a recent post that I was having a hard time creating for myself and just for fun, so I’m giving myself a space to do so freely without any expectations.

I picked up this notebook and plan to use it as a memory planner/free-for-all journal. It will be a no-rules space where I can put down stickers, washi, paint, use markers, stamps, etc. Anything I feel like using will go. If it doesn’t match, it doesn’t matter. If I mess up, it doesn’t matter. If I don’t like the outcome, it doesn’t matter. See where I’m going with this?

I’ve been really inspired by Amy Tan’s planning style the past two months and am using that as inspiration for my own freestyle planner. I’m hoping this will bring back the creative freedom I’m craving, and pull my mind away from the perfectionism it’s struggling with.

This year I made a deal with myself that not only would I buy fewer crafting supplies and instead use what I already have, but if I do buy something, I want it to be reusable. Basically, I want to stick to things like stamps, paint, markers, ink pads, etc. that I can use to enhance my projects over and over, in combination with items in my stash. With that said, these are the next on my “to buy” list. I purchased one at a little art shop in Paris to use in my travel journal. I didn’t have high expectations, just loved the color and wanted to incorporate it throughout my journal during my trip. But now, I’m totally and completely in love. I’m not a lettering artist, I just really love a good writing utensil. And these, let me tell you, are SO good!!

As I mentioned in my last Thursday Things post, I’m really taking this year to focus on the things that bring me joy. With that said, I am working on content that isn’t 100% crafting related and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. I’m also working on revamping my YouTube channel so keep an eye out for that. Make sure your subscribed - I have a ton of new content coming to you very soon!

I hope y’all have had a great week and continue to have a wonderful rest of the week(end).

xo, Suzanna