Thursday Things // Currently Loving

How is it Thursday again already?? This month is flying by. I’ve been keeping busy in a bunch of different ways, but working on this site has definitely been one of them. I’m trying to add new products to the shop, but also revamp the entire site to be more user friendly/easy to navigate.

Anywho, let’s get into the things I’ve been loving this week. There aren’t a ton of them, but I still wanted to share!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m really loving my Book of the Month subscription. Having books delivered each month is one great thing, but what I really love is the limited selection to choose from. I’m someone that gets overwhelmed by too many options and then feels like I need to get all of them or none of them. With BOTM you have a limited selection to choose from, but your box maxes out at 3 books. So if you’re like me, you can’t exactly take the route of “I have no clue so I’ll get them all” which is honestly a good thing for everyone involved. If you want to try it out, you can get a free book by signing up here.

Speaking of books, no matter how or where you buy your books, I would definitely recommend reading this book. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that I enjoyed this much. But I have to say, I’m probably a bit biased - my whole life revolves around music, I am absolutely obsessed with the 70s (and find the 60s and 80s fascinating as well), my favorite movie is Almost Famous (which, you’ll understand why I mentioned that if you read the book), and I honestly just felt so at home in this book. As weird as it sounds, I just wanted to crawl inside and live amongst the characters. This one is totally personal preference and has a lot to do with my personality, but all of that aside, it’s really a great book that I would recommend reading!

A few months ago (maybe the end of last year?) I preordered this faith journal and so far I’m really liking it! It has a very clean and simplistic feel, but has juuuuust enough direction that I don’t feel lost in my scripture reading. If you’re someone that likes a little hint of direction, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go!

I get asked multiple times each day about the setup I use to film videos and/or stream. To make it easier for everyone, I’ve created a page where you can see everything I use. It can be found under the resources tab of the main menu (top of this page) or you can click here to be taken straight to the page.

I’m still absolutely loving my disc bound planner! I’ve started perfecting the setup and can’t wait until it gets to a place where I am ready to share a walk through with y’all. In the mean time, I’ve added a few planner inserts to the shop, so if you’re a half page insert user like myself, you have a few new options that may help you out!

If you haven’t been able to catch the live streams but want to see what they’re all about, you can head over to my YouTube channel and find all of the replays. They go up within 24 hours of the live stream and are a fun way to add some background noise to your crafting. And if you don’t have 2+ hours, just change the playback speed to 1.5 or 2x and you’ll get a quicker version!

That’s all I have for you today. I have a feeling next week will consist of more products because there are some things online I’ve been eyeing! I hope you have an amazing weekend!