Thursday Things // New Things

Hello hello friends! Another Thursday has arrived, and I have another Thursday Things post to accompany it. There have been all sorts of things happening in my life lately, but here are a few that I’e especially been loving and excited about!


I take a lot of pills and supplements. I mean, a lot. A lot of times I’d get lazy when it came to taking them because opening and closing 10+ bottles every morning and night is just plain annoying. I was never able to find a pill box/organizer that was large enough to fit everything I take… until now. This thing has been a total game changer for me! It fits all of my pills and supplements, and has extra room for others that I may need to add in the future. Each day is removable so you don’t have to tip the entire organizer over to get your pills out, and with the morning/night spots, it makes it super convenient to travel. I haven’t missed a single day since I picked this thing up three weeks ago. I cannot recommend it enough!

Recently, I got over myself (and my stubborn attitude) and dove into the world of discs. I’ll be completely honest, I fully expected to hate everything about it, like I had been telling myself I would for the past 3 years. Yep, you heard that right - I’ve been avoiding the little voice in my head telling me to try it out for THREE YEARS. It honestly got exhausting and I caved because deep down that little voice knew I would love it. AND I DO! This is the one I picked up and I’ve been working this week to organize and set it up. Initially I was planning on using this along with my spiral bound Fringe planner, but I’m loving it so much I’m seriously contemplating using it on its own, for everything.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, so I treated myself to a few new pieces from Madewell and have been feeling SO good in them! There’s nothing like a little wardrobe refresh to give my confidence a little boost. I grabbed these and one other pair (that are no longer available) and I have been obsessed. They fit like a glove and make me feel cute and stylish. Win! I’m a pants lover - not like, I love to wear pants and only pants - a pants lover in the fact that I can never have too many pairs. I love buying them, and even though I have way more pairs of jeans than anyone needs, they’re all very different (in my mind) so I think it’s fine. I have my eye on these next for spring and summer because look at that light wash!

In case you missed it, I’ve been live streaming for the past couple weeks! It has been the most fun to hop on and craft with all my online crafty pals! I’d love for you to join me, if you haven’t already - you can click here to sign up for a free account. Then follow me (madeinmojave) and not only will you get a notification whenever I go live, but following really helps boost my account to be discovered by more crafters! There’s also a free app you can download on your phone or tablet if you prefer. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Twitter, where I announce the stream times, topics, and more!

That’s all I have for you this week, friends! I hope you’ve had a great week and you have an even better weekend. I’ll be back next week with some of my favs. In the mean time, let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below!