Thursday Thoughts | Coasters, Marble, and DIYs

Thursday always throws me off. It's not quite the beginning or middle of the week, it feels like the weekend, but it's not. It's basically a big tease and I don't appreciate it. BUT! I have lots of fun things to share with you in today's Thursday Thoughts post, so it's not so bad!

I've been loving style posts recently. Both reading them and posting them! This one I posted last week is one of my favorites! Whit just posted her Golden Hour Geometric style post and it is to die for! Not only is her outfit perfection, but that lighting is gorgeous! Speaking of geometric, I have been searching for the perfect coasters for our new apartment and found these at West Elm. YES.

It's not really a secret that I'm loving marble (who isn't, right?!). Going along with my coaster crush, I am so excited to get my weekend craft on creating these necklaces from A Beautiful Mess!

If you haven't been following along with Leah's move, you should! She shares before and after photos of their fixer upper and I just love seeing the transformation process! 

My Style Vita isn't a new read for me. I've been reading her blog for the longest time now, but I have been loving her posts more and more recently! She's very real and I admire that even if she is writing sponsored content, she puts her voice in each of her posts. Sadly, that is becoming harder to find in blogs and I love that she remains true to her style and voice! And speaking of new reads, I did come across Pinch of Yum recently and can't get over how honest and transparent Lindsay and her husband are with their blogging process. It's refreshing and fun to read. Not to mention, these Thai Summer Rolls are calling my name!

What blogs have you been loving recently? Any exciting posts or recipes/DIYs I have to try? Let's chat in the comments below!

Photo by Anna Howard Studios