Thursday Thoughts | Cocktails and Fall Weather

This was a really great week! I'm FINALLY feeling creative again and have been able to get back to my regular blogging schedule. I've also been in a crazy good mood because Cody and I have been spending less time behind our computers and more time out and about, going on adventures. It really makes all the difference in my daily attitude and the way I feel about work. There's nothing like getting out of the house and getting a little exercise!

The past 2-3 weeks I took it easy since I was feeling far from creative. I made sure not to force things that weren't coming as naturally as they normally do, and didn't pressure myself to put out posts when I knew they wouldn't meet my standards. And boy, I am sure glad I did! In the end, it really helped me regroup and refresh so I could get back into things with confidence! Sometimes time away is the most important thing you can give yourself.

Along with the return of my creative thoughts, I have been finding lots of fun things around the internet to share with you!

Image via The Fresh Exchange

I've been stalking the Bandier site recently. I'll take one of everything please!

How delicious do Josh's Blackberry Margaritas look?! Uhm, YES. I'll take 4. Then, Jess shared this one that I definitely need to try out! - And speaking of cocktails, I shared a cocktail that has become a recent favorite of mine! 

Cathy of Poor Little It Girl always looks like perfection, and I just can't get enough of these three looks - 1, 2, 3. With it still being well in the 90's (and sometimes 100's) here in Southern California, I find myself obsessing over fall looks I wish I could be wearing! And honestly, I haven't stopped thinking about breaking out my scarves since this post!

I'm always looking for new podcasts to listen to while I work from home. It seems like every podcast post I read these days shares the same few. I was so excited when The Fresh Exchange posted about a few that I haven't heard of. I can't wait to give them a listen!

Have you come across anything share-worthy this week? Pop the link below, I would love to check it out!!