Thursday Thoughts | Fall Weather and Frizzy Hair

I feel like recently, Thursday Thoughts should really just be called "All the cocktail posts I read this week and want to share." But really, it's what I love, and I know most of you don't mind. So, I figure I will keep them coming!

Other than that, I've really been trying to spend more time reading my favorite blogs and catching up on what some of my blogger friends are up to!

Jessica does it again with this classic manhattan. I love that she swapped out the nasty maraschino cherries for bourbon soaked cherries - so much better!! 

It's been a scorcher here (STILL) and I can't wait to get my fall layering on! Josh shared his Indian Summer look and I can totally relate. Can't wait to retire the shorts and tees and get to the boots and layers!

Speaking of fall weather, it doesn't get quite cold enough here to bundle up, so this look from Cathy of Poor Little It Girl is perfect! I've been on the hunt for a pair of leather (ish) leggings that fit well, and this pair is looking promising!

Whit shared her new routine to decrease frizz and I definitely need to give this a try! Since moving back down to Southern California, my hair has been one big mess of a frizz ball. Yikes!

Have you read anything note worthy this week? Leave those links in the comments below and share your weekly reads!