Thursday Thoughts | Goals and Being Present

This week, I wanted to chat about something a little different in my Thursday Thoughts post. I know, it seems like it's been that way for a few weeks now. Well, it has been! Sometimes I just have things to share with you and I like that this series gives me a place to share them (and get your thoughts on the topic)!

I've been incredibly busy recently. I feel like I am always traveling, working, or... working (A LOT). I'm not complaining! I LOVE working. I can't ever imaging a day that I will retire, and I have zero plans of ever giving up my work. BUT! With that much work, comes a lot of other things too. Currently, I am working six days a week and I usually work a total of 13-15 (or more) hours a day. It sounds crazy, but when you love what you do, it's hard to stop! Not to mention, my mind goes a mile a minute with new ideas, things I want to do and accomplish, and new strategies to implement.

People chuckle when I say I was born an entrepreneur because I think they feel like I'm joking. I promise I'm not. I can't ever remember a day, even at my littlest, when I wasn't thinking of new business ideas, inventions, or ways to help other people. It's who I am and what I do. But enough on that, you get the point. 

Recently I have been feeling a level of exhaustion I didn't know was possible. I know this is for SO many other reasons than the amount I work, but I'm sure it's definitely not helping! Not to mention, I am supposed to eliminate stress from my life to prevent flare ups, which totally doesn't happen at all! haha

I think it may be time for me to set some goals that I would like to accomplish throughout the remainder of the year in order to get more rest!

Limit working hours to 8 hours a day - I'm not going to go crazy and say that I plan to work only 5 days a week, because I'm not. BUT! I think it would be nice to limit my working hours to 8 hours each day. 

Get more sleep/rest - I suffer from insomnia because of the medicine I take. So sometimes sleeping more isn't an option, but I would love to take more time to rest. This could be anything from laying in bed an extra hour in the morning or evening doing nothing, taking an hour nap/rest in the middle of the day, I don't know - something.

Don't take on any more projects - I think I have hit my limit for projects this year. I would list them for you to decide for yourself, but you would be bored by the length. If I have to commit to any new projects this year, I would like it to be after I have completed a different one. A take one on, give one up kind of thing.

More me time - I'm totally not the type of person to sit down and read a book by candlelight in the bath. UGH. No thanks! But I do love a good HP marathon in my favorite pajamas, wrapped in a blanket with my cats, my boy, and a huge thing of iced coffee! SO MANY HEART EYES just thinking about it! I'd love to take more time for things like this because honestly, they rarely happen!

Be present - I struggle with worrying about things and it causes me to miss out on things. I struggle with anxiety (and depression caused by medicine) so sometimes I do this silly thing where instead of enjoying a moment, I stress and worry about it for no reason. I'd like to do that less. And maybe stop trying to document everything and just enjoy the time. That would be nice too!

There you have it - a few goals I would like to work toward during the remainder of 2015. If you made it this far, you must really like me. Well, I really like you too! So leave your goals for the rest of the year below so we can chat about them!