Thursday Thoughts | Ice Cream and Clutches

Is it just me, or has this been an unusually long week? This week's Thursday Thoughts is coming to you with tired eyes and an exhausted mind. (And a whole lot of excitement for the weekend's arrival!)

After having this beauty in my cart since December, I think I have finally decided to make it my next handbag! Although, this one by Skagen that I shared in my Summer Handbag Search is also calling my name...

I've become obsessed with clutches recently, and let me tell you. If I could marry a clutch, it would be this one right here. Walter & George just gives me all the heart eyes! Not to mention, it's a Southern California based brand!

This Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sarah shared looks beyond delicious. If I could eat coconut, there would be seven batches of this in my freezer... yesterday. If someone I know can make this so I can come over and stare at it, that would be great. Thanks!

I've been working on a post (coming soon) on living a more chemical-free lifestyle. This is something Cody and I find very important, so I always love seeing the products people use that are on the more natural side. This post on summer essentials from The Fresh Exchange has been one of my favorites recently!

That's it this week. I have a little less to share because I have been working my booty off and taking extra hours so I can buy a new car! More on that later though!

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