Thursday Thoughts | Magazines and Night Stands

It's Thursday already?! When did that happen? I've had my head buried in my computer screen all week trying to get work done before we head out of town for a long weekend celebrating 4th of July! When I haven't been working on the computer, I've been running around town catching all sorts of meetings. And when I say running, I kind of sort of mean it (no car probz). Anywho! Yay for Thursday and yay for a long weekend of fun!

This week's Thursday Thoughts is a short one since I'm behind on reading blog posts and haven't had a chance to discover anything crazy amazing. But! That won't stop me from sharing a few things that you definitely need to check out this week...

I'm not one to read very many magazines. I used to receive a bunch of them in the mail, but they would pile up without being touched or read and it started to seem excessive. I stopped all subscriptions, but was introduced to one that just may land a spot in my mailbox four times a year! Naturally, Danny Seo is a mixture of your favorite home/life magazine without all the crap and the gorgeous specialty magazines (like Darling, Cereal, etc). Basically, it's a magazine with actual articles to read, gorgeous photos, very few ads (and the ones that are included are relevant and not tacky), and you don't feel like you need to save it forever on your coffee table. Or maybe you do, I don't know your life. Either way, it's a real life magazine with the same level of gorgeous topics and photos as the specialty ones (does that make sense?). That was long, but I'm excited. Sorry.

Cody and I are in the process of decorating our new apartment, and are on the hunt for the perfect night stands. This post on A Beautiful Mess this week has me totally thinking of getting my DIY on. They're so perfect!

Speaking of furniture. I recently stumbled upon Cisco Home while wandering around Pasadena (they have locations all over, though) and have been obsessed ever since. Seriously, this is where gorgeous design, sustainability, and all around perfection meet.

That's all for this week friends! Here's to a fun-filled weekend with some of my favorite people and lots of food and drinks!