Thursday Thoughts | Planners, Traveling, and Summer Drinks

Can you believe it is already Thursday? But at the same time, can you believe it is only Thursday? I can't decide if this week is flying by or taking forever. Either way, I know I am ready for the weekend! One more day to go. In the mean time, here are some Thursday Thoughts for you!

Earlier this week, Whit shared the second half of her photos from her recent trip to San Francisco. I've had a major travel bug these past few months, and although I've been traveling quite often, this post has me ready to run out the door!

Speaking of traveling often, I picked up a new planner from Paper Source this past weekend while in Roseville to keep track of all that traveling. Well, that and doctor's appointments, events, bills, etc. You know, all the grown up things I need to remember to do and not be late for! Did I mention that I am absolutely obsessed?

When we got home from Roseville on Sunday I had a few packages waiting for me, and one of them was my lid and glass straw from Mason Bar Company! I am so excited to finally get my hands on these to use for all my fun summer drinks! Don't worry - more fun summer drinks are coming (very) soon!

While on the topic of summer drinks, can we please talk about Josh's Signature Summer Sips? I mean really, YUM! I'm all about cocktails, and this one is calling my name. I can't wait to give it a go on a warm summer weekend!

Thanks to tips from other lovely bloggers, I have started reading a few new blogs this week! My favorite new read is Happy Interior Blog. Igor combines three of my absolute favorite things: interiors, plants, and travel. I mean seriously, where has his blog been all my life?

What blogs are you loving right now? Any favorite summer drinks I have to try? Where are you taking your next trip to? Let's chat in the comments below!