Thursday Thoughts | Shorts, Centerpieces, and Paris

This week has been flying by, and I have been in the best mood! It seems like it was just Monday, and now here we are celebrating Thursday and welcoming the weekend. I'm ready for it!!!

Cody and I have been on the hunt to find a cute cat bed for our new apartment, and it has been no easy task. I can't wait to give this DIY from designlovefest a go and know just the place we're going to put it!

Speaking of DIYs, if you're feeling crafty this weekend you may want to try giving an old luggage rack a makeover with this DIY on Thou Swell! I love the endless possibilities for this one, and think putting a tray on top to create an end table is genius. Cody and I and are on the hunt for bedside tables, and this may be the perfect solution!

I shared my first style post in ages this week and couldn't be more in love with the shorts! With this Southern California heat, I need to add more shorts to my wardrobe and Anthro's selection is giving me all the heart eyes.

4th of July is right around the corner and I'm loving the festive posts being shared! Get crafty with these centerpieces for your BBQ or party! 

Igor's Small Living in Paris post made me want to travel and purchase this exact apartment. Hello gorgeous, when can I move in??

That's all for this week's Thursday Thoughts. Cheers to the weekend friends!


Photo by Anna Howard Studios