Thursday Thoughts | Staying Positive

Today's Thursday Thoughts is going to be a little different than the rest. I spent the week in a bit of a funk and to be quite honest, didn't read a single blog post. Obviously, I'm crazy behind on my reading now and will have to catch up this weekend. Other than that, I've been tired, unmotivated, discouraged, and pretty down in general.

Unfortunately, one of the many medicines I take has a tendency to cause depression, so I've become used to the feeling. This week was especially bad because I didn't want to get out of bed, talk to anyone, eat, or leave the house. I was basically a blob of sadness. This sounds really ugly and well, depressing, but I'm sharing today's post to remind myself to stay positive and to share with you how I get through weeks like this. Because let's face it, I know I'm not the only one that struggles.

When I start to feel less like myself, I beat myself up about not wanting to write blog posts, not feeling like keeping up a social media presence, not feeling like leaving the house to walk, and not wanting to text/email people back. This week, I told myself I was not going to do that. If I didn't feel like doing something, I simply wouldn't do it and instead, I would do something I enjoy. That lead to a lot of Parks and Rec and coloring. I have anxiety and when I start to feel depressed, I get anxious to the point where I make myself sick and it's just a mess. Cody was doing some research and found these stress relieving coloring books that supposedly help with anxiety. I picked this one up at Paper Source and have been coloring away ever since (this one is next on my list).

I also spent a lot of time this week making a mental note of all the things I am excited about or am looking forward to (big and small). For example, I'm excited to start using my new planner at the beginning of August, I'm excited to try out new recipes that I've been saving, I'm looking forward to getting our apartment organized and decorated, etc. Then, I started replaying that list in my head over and over and reminding myself of all the things that I have to be happy about!

Now, don't get me wrong, these things didn't put me in a better mood, but they definitely kept me from crawling back into bed and sleeping the day away. Which, if you ask me, is a big deal! So, if you're having an off week, don't beat yourself up. Do the opposite - take care of yourself and do things that make you smile.

Thank you for sticking around with this unusual Thursday Thoughts post! Next week's will be back to normal, sharing my favorite finds from around the internet!