TOMS Roasting Co. | Honduras Roast

I was so excited when TOMS announced their venture into coffee with TOMS Roasting Co. As much as I love online shopping, I dread paying for shipping and put off purchasing a bag. When they announced earlier this week that they were now available in Whole Foods throughout the country, I grabbed a bag within the week!

Now, like TOMS shoes, their coffee also follows the One for One Movement: For every bag purchased, TOMS gives one week of clean water to a person in need.

I chose the Honduras Roast because it is a dark roast and I like my coffee strong (like, crazy strong). It is described as having a clean, sweet aroma with medium-to-light acidity. The flavor profile has hints of chocolate, sweetness, and nuts. 

This is definitely a smooth roast with light acidity. The sweet nutty flavor is very strong and would make this a perfect blend for fall!

I was very impressed with the flavors of the Honduras Roast. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting such a great coffee from a company originating in shoes, but boy was I wrong.

Do you prefer light, medium, or dark roast coffee?