Travel Diaries: Los Angeles

Welcome to the newest series here on Zoso Lights! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I don't care if it is a weekend trip just a few cities over, or an eight hour plane flight, I love it. But what makes traveling even more fun? Sharing your experiences and findings with friends. So in this new series, Travel Diaries, I will share with you trips I take. I will include places I went to eat, coffee shops, beautiful scenery, boutiques, etc. I hope in these, you will find places you would like to visit when you take your next trip.Recently, I went on a little weekend getaway down to Los Angeles. I am from Southern California, and LA is nothing new to me. But like any city, it is so fun to try new places and activities, to make it as though it is somewhere completely new! (You can even do this in the town you live in, so fun!) Now, leave it to me to forget my camera when going on a trip, but hey, that's what phones are for, right?

First, we went to the Grand Central Market. Let me tell you, this place is great, but there are a few gems that stood out among the rest. For example, the Belcampo Meat Co. Unfortunately, we had just eaten when we arrived and only had room for a few snacks, but they were incredible!


Orange is one of my favorite colors, so I was so excited to see that is their main design color! (I just adore their logo!)


For snacks, we had the Beef Tallow Fries and the Spicy Fried Broccolini, which were both to die for! If you are in the area and have the chance, I would definitely recommend stopping by to grab a bite to eat.

Also in the Grand Central Market is Press Brothers Juicery. I love fresh juices, so of course I was all over this.


I ordered the Liquid Gold, which contains pineapple, apple, lemon, and mint. It was a warm day, so this was the perfect drink. It was so fresh, as soon as I finished I was craving more. For fresh pressed juices, they have great prices, and their juices are available online! (YES!)


Now we have Eggslut, also in the Grand Central Market. I just love everything about this place... well, except the eggs. haha. I am lactose-intolerant so I was unable to try anything here, but I have heard such wonderful things about it! (And really, it is just too great to not snap a few photos)


Last up in Grand Central Market is G&B Coffee. (The photo below was taken for instagram and has a filter applied to it).


I ordered a latte with their house-made almond and macadamia nut milk. Oh my goodness, the milk is so tasty!! If you go for nothing else, go for the milk.


And here is my dad, waiting for his coffee (haha):


After Grand Central Market, we headed to Bottega Louie to have appetizers and dessert. The appetizers were so tasty, we ate them right up, and I completely forgot to take a picture of them.

The macaron selection was to die for! Talk about heart eyes, goodness gracious!


We had four: Pistachio, Grand Cru, Salted Caramel, and Espresso. I took home five: three Grand Cru, Rose, and Earl Grey. If that doesn't tell you how much I loved them, nothing will. There wasn't a single flavor (that I tried) that I was disappointed with.


We went to one last place while in LA, Sprinkles Cupcakes. I can't pass up a gluten-free red velvet cupcake, c'mon!


As I am sure you can tell, our main goal while visiting LA, was to eat as many delicious things as possible. I would say it was a success!

What are your favorite places to visit in LA? What city should I visit next? Tell me in the comments!