USS Midway | San Diego, California

When we were in San Diego last, we visited the USS Midway. It wasn't my first time, but Cody had never been, so we had fun exploring and taking photos. It was a special visit since it was the 4th of July. I loved seeing everyone so patriotic and proud of our country! 

If you're in San Diego, I definitely recommend visiting the Midway. Weekends are usually pretty busy, but if crowds don't bother you, you'll be good to go! Otherwise, head over to the aircraft on a weekday to beat the rush! Also, if you have a student ID your ticket will be cheaper than the standard adult admission, so don't forget to bring that with you!

I've visited the USS Midway a few times now, but each time I am remembered how amazing pieces of history can be! I can't wait to visit again and learn even more about the aircraft and it's past!