Wanted: Bohemian Collective Above Knuckle Rings

I am always looking at things I want online, and I tend to judge how much I want something by how often I look it up. Also, if it is the first thing I look at, or the last (when I have nothing else to look at) tells me how much I want it. Well, for the past few months I have been going crazy over these above knuckle rings from the UK brand, Bohemian Collective.

Photo from www.bohemiancollective.co.uk

This photo is of the rings in Rose Gold, and are also available in Gold and Silver. I will be purchasing the silver because I have very little silver jewelry and think these will be great to mix with different metals. Not only do they look great stacked, but are perfect for wearing solo as well. 

These rings are sterling silver and are a great deal! At only £12 (or $19.43) a piece, they are such a reasonable price and so cute!! I cannot wait to order these and make them staple pieces of my fall and winter wardrobe.

What have you been loving recently?

Xo, Suzanna