Wanted: Ray Ban Erika Sunnies

As most of you know, I wear glasses which means that I cannot wear sunglasses (unless they are prescription). However, for a few years now I have transitioned to contacts during summer so I can wear sunglasses, which are my weakness. I must own 20+ pairs and can't even wear them half of the year! It is about that time for me to go back to contacts, and this time I am thinking about making it a more permanent thing. So... I thought I would show you guys the sunglasses I have been lusting over for quite some time now, and if I am going to wear contacts longer than just a few months, I can justify spending a little more on a pair of sunglasses (or so I am telling myself).

Photo from www.ray-ban.com

These are the Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Sunglasses. I personally think that my face is a tad bit too square in shape to wear the traditional wayfarers (which I own and have prescription lenses in, but never wear!). The thin arms on these make them a little less bulky and the more rounded shape will compliment my face better(I hope!). I have yet to try these bad boys on, but have been drooling over them on the internet for ages. Hopefully I will like them as much when I try them on!

What are your favorite style sunnies? 

Xo, Suzanna