Warby Parker Home Try-On | 2015

It's that time of the year again, eye check time. My eyes usually get a little worse each year, but most times I can get away with ordering a new pair of glasses every two years (saving that money!). This year, I couldn't put it off so of course, I ordered a few pairs from Warby Parker for home try-on!

If you're not familiar with Warby Parker, they follow a 'Buy a Pair, Give a Pair' model! So the purchase of these glasses (something I would already have to buy anyway), helps provide training and jobs to someone in a developing country, so they can administer eye exams and provide their communities with glasses/eye care!

For home try-on, you choose five pairs to have shipped to your house, keep them for five days, and send them back before ordering the style you like! I used this service to pick out the glasses I have now, and couldn't wait to receive these new styles in the mail!

Currently, I have the Crane style in Sugar Maple. They are by far my favorite pair of glasses, which says a lot since I've worn glasses my whole life. I knew picking a new pair was not going to be easy. These are the styles I ordered for home try-on:

Bensen - Greystone
Chamberlain - Saddle Sage
Crane - Mallard Green
Theo - Whiskey Tortoise
Nash - Greystone

Apologies in advance for the upcoming number of photos of my face. It gets excessive! - Here are photos of each style on, starting with my current Crane style glasses!

They all have qualities that I like. If you couldn't tell, I tend to go for a wider square frame. I feel like it compliments my square jawline the best and makes my face seem proportionate! As a creature of habit, I'm definitely leaning toward the Crane style in mallard green - at least I'm switching up the color though, right?? 

I haven't placed my order yet, and can definitely still be swayed. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Which pair would you pick for me? (Or for yourself if you're a glasses wearer!)