Watercolor Tips for Beginners

I've been wanting to dabble with watercolor for quite some time, but with school/work/blogging/life I never really had the time to pick up a new hobby. Painting has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and I was so excited the other day when I walked to the local art store to pick up a few beginner supplies!

I picked up a set of 12 Reeves Watercolors, 3 (super cheap) brushes, and a very basic (and cheap) palette that came with a cover. I didn't do very much research before purchasing these items, although I did talk with the store associate about paints before making a purchase. These Reeves paints are very inexpensive and are student grade watercolors. It was really important that I buy inexpensive products when starting out in case I didn't like watercolor, I bought the wrong supplies, etc. I didn't want to invest in high-quality products right off the bat. Although, I did know that I wanted to purchase individual paints instead of a palette, since I have previous experience with oil and acrylic paints.

I already had a sketch pad with fairly thick paper, so I opted out of purchasing specific watercolor paper. After coming home and playing with these paints for a while, I not only decided to learn a little more about watercolor, but also found four products that I would like to pick up on my next visit to Blick! - A larger round brush, a medium size round brush, watercolor paper, and a better palette with more mixing room!

Here are a few of my favorite videos and tips I came across while learning a little more about beginning watercolor:

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Tips and Tricks: Watercolor Trees (without the stamps?)

Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find as much on the topic as I hoped to. So, if you have any advice for a beginner, or links that helped you, please leave them in the comments below! Let's chat!