Youth To The People Skincare

Most people don't know or have forgotten (thank goodness!) that I started my blog years ago as a beauty blog. Crazy since I'm not the type of person to care about beauty products or makeup. But at the time, it worked and I spent tons of money trying random products because I thought it was what people wanted to see. I later realized that people do want to see that, but from someone that actually uses them and has something to say about them! Long story short, I stopped blogging about beauty and switched to a more natural beauty routine that I followed every other day, if I was lucky (lazy skincare person right here). I've been using Burt's Bees products for quite a while now - they're inexpensive, they work well with my skin, I can find them easily at Target, and honestly I just love them. But for the longest time I had wanted to try Youth To The People. I kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money and then find out I didn't really like them.

Back in December I won a little Instagram giveaway Josh of The Kentucky Gent was holding, and received the entire YTTP skincare line! Talk about a happy dance!

Youth To The People - Noodoso

Youth To The People is an age prevention skincare line made and packaged here in California - does it even get any better than that?! Yes, yes it does. They create their products in small batches using superfoods. They use 100% vegan ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging, no fragrance, no parabens, no animal testing, and no added color. Basically, they managed to give me all the heart eyes before even getting my hands on their products.

I was hesitant to use them at first because I'm ridiculous and was worried that if I liked them, I would have to spend the money to reorder, and would no longer be able to wait until the very last minute to run to Target and grab my trusty Burt's Bees. Okay, I got over that and started using them at the start of the year (thank goodness!).


Youth To The People - Noodoso Youth To The People - Noodoso Youth To The People - Noodoso

I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using the YTTP products! I still use my Burt's Bees cleansing oil to take off my makeup, but nothing feels as great as waking up and washing my face with this kale cleanser! I am in love and will be ordering this stuff the second it gets low!

The serum and cream will end up lasting much longer than the cleanser - a little goes a really long way! So bonus! You don't even have to buy all three at once! And honestly, I've been using the cleanser diligently for the last month and a half and it's still almost full. The cost of these products compared to how long they'll last, the quality ingredients they use, the way they make my skin feel, and all the other A+ things I love about them, is basically the biggest steal.

Youth To The People - Noodoso

Basically, if you're like me and prefer to be cheap and lazy so you've put off trying YTTP products, don't! They're just as great as you've imagined them being! haha. I cannot recommend them enough!

xo, Suzanna