Creative Enneagram Survey

I'm working on a few fun projects, one of which requires that I get a better understanding of the different personality types. For this survey specifically, I will be asking a series of questions to understand your Enneagram type a little better. Please answer each one as fully and as honestly as possible. Remember, there isn't a wrong answer, so just answer based on your personal experience. Thank you again!! xo

Please include your wing, if applicable. For example "3w4" or "7"
If so, please list it below.
Please be as descriptive as you would like. Helpful information includes digital vs. physical planner (or both?), type of physical planner if applicable, size of planner, etc.
Is your current planning system working for you? *
Please add as much/little detail as you would like about the topic.
Look, feel, smell, aesthetic, color palette, music, etc. Anything that would make your workspace perfect, I want to know!
This is referring to starting anything new, but especially a creative endeavor. Yourself? Fear? Lack of Knowledge? Laziness? Lack of Time? Etc.
Words of affirmation, gifts, touch, etc.
Specific phrases? A reward when something is completed?
When learning new things, how do you like to learn? In a physical classroom with other people? Alone reading a book? In an online classroom? At your own pace or at a guided pace? Are you a visual learner? Etc.

Please note: all information collected in this survey is collected anonymously. Unless your email was provided above, you will not be contacted after this survey has been submitted.