Stream Subscriptions

I am so excited to finally be able to offer stream subscriptions. Even more exciting, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can subscribe for free! What does that mean? Basically, you’re supporting me, my business, and the stream so we can continue to have multiple streams per week and continue to build our crafty community!

Listed below are the three tier options, along with the subscriber perks for each tier. Keep scrolling to learn more about subscriptions, why you should subscribe, and how to set your subscription up.

Not ready to subscribe? I also have a quick and easy donation system setup if you would like to support the stream, but are not interested in a subscription. Scroll to the bottom of this page for details!

Tier 1:



Tier 2:



Tier 3:


Ad-free viewing

Subscriber Badges

One exclusive emote to use in chat.

Access to our subscriber only free download library!

Ad-free viewing

Subscriber Badges

Two exclusive emotes to use in chat.

Access to our subscriber only free download library!

Ad-free viewing

Subscriber Badges

Three exclusive emotes to use in chat.

Access to our subscriber only free download library!

Do I have to subscribe to watch the stream?

Absolutely not! The live streams are and will always remain free to my crafty community.

Why should I subscribe?

Just like supporting your favorite artist/small business owner via purchasing from their store, or following along with them on Instagram, subscribing supports not only my business, but me as well. You are allowing me the opportunity to share creative content with you on an ongoing basis. The support (money) received through stream subscriptions goes straight back into building the Made in Mojave brand, bringing fresh new content to weekly streams, and allows me to invest in new products/collections/etc. that you may want to see in action!

Which tier should I choose? They all look the same.

While all tiers have the same subscriber benefits (other than number of exclusive emotes), you are able to decide how much support you are able to provide. This is a very personal decision and the only correct tier is the one you feel comfortable selecting. Every subscriber (no matter the tier) makes a huge impact on Made in Mojave and I am extremely grateful for the support!

What is a subscriber badge?

Next to your username in chat, you will see a little icon. Each tier has a different icon and for every 3 concurrent months of subscribing, you will receive a new badge! I like to think of these badges as similar to girl scout or cub scout badges - they show how long you’ve been a subscriber so you can show off your support with a fun exclusive icon! These badges have all been selected by me as a little thank you for supporting me and my brand.

What is this about a free subscription with Amazon Prime?

That’s right! If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you have one free subscription each month to use to support the streamer of your choosing. Follow the instructions below to use that subscription. The free Prime subscription is the Tumbleweed tier subscription. I am SO grateful to everyone that uses their Prime subscription to support Made in Mojave!

How do I connect my Amazon Prime account to Twitch to use my free Prime subscription?

This can be somewhat complicated, unfortunately. I’ve put together the steps to use the easiest method I have found, for connecting your accounts and using your free Amazon Prime subscription.

  1. Using your computer or tablet, open Twitch in your browser and sign in.

  2. In a new tab, open Amazon and login using your normal account info.

  3. Click “Prime” in the upper right corner (right next to the cart symbol.)

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see a large black bar titled “Explore Prime Benefits”

  5. In the far right column under “More” click “Twitch Prime” - This will take you to a new page.

  6. Click the large yellow rectangle that says “Connect your Twitch Account”

  7. When the confirmation screen comes up, ensure your Twitch login information is displaying correctly before clicking “Confirm”

  8. Once confirmed, go to or navigate to my channel through your list of accounts followed.

  9. In the upper right(ish) corner click the purple button that says “Subscribe”

  10. Select the option to use your Twitch Prime subscription and voila! you’re all done and are now supporting Made in Mojave through your generous decision to support my channel, using your subscription. I am so thankful for you!!

Please Note: If you are subscribing using an Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime subscription, you will need to re-subscribe each month, as it will not auto-renew. In order to continue your concurrent subscription and earn new badges, you will need to resubscribe each month.

I still can’t figure out how to connect my Prime account to Twitch. Help?!

If you’re still struggling to connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch, click here and here to read the Twitch Prime FAQ pages. They have a few other options listed that may help resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

If you are unable to troubleshoot using the steps/tips listed on the page linked above, I would suggest reaching out to the Twitch help desk or the Amazon Prime help desk, as they may be able to troubleshoot your specific issue.


Click the button to donate! Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the message box. I can’t wait to get to know you! xo